Paperblade Ltd was founded in 2013 by François Souyri, to provide IT services around Microsoft SharePoint technologies.

At that time, it meant system architecture, server design, scalability, performance, databases management, site development, web development, directory management, etc. SharePoint needed various skills to make it run properly with a large number of users on it. We are talking of the over 500 users since the cost of several servers to run this infrastructure was mostly affordable to large corporation who also had an internal IT team to maintain it.

Nowadays (2019), such infrastructure is virtual since most of it is cloud based, therefore not managed by IT guys, but delegated to the software editor and its ecosystem of infrastructure suppliers who look after that.
We can now focus on what we always enjoy best: designing beautiful yet simple solutions that work.

The technology has evolved so much that SharePoint is now the centerpiece of Office 365 since many of its Apps utilise SharePoint to store its content.
We can now connect SharePoint to a wide range of market Apps without much coding, which has always been the core of Paperblade for years:


Build solution that do not require the developer back to change one small title

“In a nutshell” this is us! :

  • we do develop anything linked with SharePoint Online

  • our projects usually range from 2 days to 2 months

  • have a clear vision and objectives, a project plan with clear milestones, user acceptance phase and - because we do not let our customers by themselves - a post-development accompaniment phase.

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